Hémérocalle Bellmar

Aztec Headdress  (Petit 04)

 Aztec Headdress

(Petit 2003) 04 intro       Feuillage: Sper/Foliage:Sev.

M         M-Re          Fragrance

Hauteur:   68cm     Diamètre: 15cm    Scape: 27 in   Diameter:6 in.

Description: Fleur jaune crème à oeil code bar, formé de bande de couleur bourgogne, gris et parfois gris-bleu.

Remarquable: Fleur exceptionnels et excellent parent, plusieurs descendants dans mon jardin, Bellmar Kaleidoscope, Bellmar Zone Confort (Futur intro)

Parents: ( Time in a Bottles x Mardi Gras Ball)

Aztec Headdress is a special flower's and is a great parent for me.

Hybridyzer comments: The pattern eyes are rapidly evolving and changing the face of the daylily.  One of the challenges of the patterns has been to get the eye of the flower large enough to have a real garden impact.  ‘Aztec Headdress’ has a large patterned eye with many layers of burgundy, charcoal and violet.  The outer band is a wide burgundy rose that feathers out on the petal edges.  The midribs pierce the eye, and carry the eye further out toward the petal edges.  The petal self is a bright yellow gold, and the large throat area gives the flower a strong green center.  With ‘Mardi Gras Ball’ as one of its parents, the flowers also carry a wire gold edge.



Embranchement:   3               Boutons:  20 - 22

Branching:   3               ways  Buds: 20


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