Hémérocalle Bellmar

 Introduction 2008

Imagine from Gascone  (Gaskin13)     Per/Ev

Floraison: H/E-Re      Frag 

Embranchement:             Boutons:

Branching:  4                      Buds: 28

Hauteur/scape:  73cm/29"   Diamètre:  17cm/6.5"

Parents: (Tal of Gascone x Crazy Ivan)

Description: Fleur jaune crème à large oeil et bordure pourpre-noir, gorge verte.

Remarque: Observation au jardin à venir.

   Imagine from Gascone (Gaskin 13)                                                                                                 Evergreen    E-Rebloom   Frag      Scape: 29''/6.5'' flower's                                                                        Cream yellow flower's bold and large black purple eye and edge, greeen throat.

Hibridyzer remark:  Stunning flower, great contrasted from wonderful parents (Tal of Gascone x Crazy Ivan) We have a grow this lily for several years and it just gets better and better, most intense color I have ever seen,every season we would say Imagine what you would get ifyou crossed this Lily..., so the name is just came natural. Fertile bots way


Parents/Parentage: (Tal of Gascone x Crazy Ivan)


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